Smart Climate Control For Perfect Living


Set the right temperature

Turn on your AC minutes before you reach home from a tiring day at office. Monitor the room temperature and set the room temperature based on the climate conditions for optimum energy use.

Smart Control Based on Climate Changes

Turn on home lights in case of dark clouds coming in and reduction in ambient light. In case of rains, turn off garden water sprinklers by sensing the soil moisture.

Smart Learning

The Smart Controller learns your usage patterns based on your daily routines over the course of time and triggers other smart devices/appliances automatically.

Set The Perfect Home Conditions


Make optimum use of energy and set your living room to the perfect temperature you desire. Turn on your living room ACs just minutes before you arrive home at evening and let your home give you a cozy welcome.

Based on the ambient climatic conditions and temperature fluctuations, let your thermostat take smart decisions to keep your in-house at certain levels that best suit your needs.