What’s Hotel Automation?

India’s hospitality industry is now adopting different kind of technologies to offer the best services to the guests. With more and more customers depending on the digital platforms, hotels are now turning to technology and automation to make the guests happy. From appliance automation to services control, automation systems, the hotel industry is now growing at a very rapid pace.

Mood Lighting

Integrated Multimedia


Climate Control

Access Control


Wi-Fi Setup

Fire Proof Protection

Add an extra ⭐️hotel experience?

With Nexus Secure, you’re just a touch away from a luxurious 5-star stay. We ensure that our guests enjoy a supreme quality in-room experience so that they come back to us all the time. Guests can control the light, music or even the wake-up scenes from an exclusive remote. This has helped us gain a great reputation in the industry as one of the leading service providers of the hotel automation systems in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, India.

Match every mood. Every emotion

From instantly creating a creative setup to getting the office room ready in just a few minutes, you can now change your hotel’s ambience to match every mood, every emotion, every occasion.

Control multimedia at your fingertips

You no longer need a separate remote for controlling every device in the room. Your guests can now control TVs, STBs, music systems and pretty much everything in the room from a single app. The best part? You can even create intelligent scenes to combine multiple activities and devices.