What’s Hospital Automation ?

Hospital automation is an innovative technology which can help you automate the functional elements of your hospital through your smart phone Using our wireless automation concepts, hospitals can deliver extra-ordinary healthcare facilities to patients and their loved ones, while also improving scalability, trackability and profitability of their organization.

With the help of our hospital automation systems in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, India, your hospital can offer the best healthcare services to the patients. Patients can now easily make a call to their loved ones by using a voice assistant or even turn the room lights on or off with the most effective hospital automation systems.

Control everything with touch

Now, you don’t need to wait for the nurse but can easily do it on your own without getting up from bed using the hospital automation system. Our effective technology framework can help patients to easily access all the functional things present in the room, using their smart phone.

through a voice command.

We understand that not every patient would be enthusiastic about using their smartphone, when they’re not feeling great. That’s the reason we provide complete voice-integration for automating functional elements in the room.

Patients can now turn off lights, lock/unlock doors, change TV channel, or reduce the room temperature, simply by issuing a voice command.

Deliver superior healthcare facilities at scale

Every leading healthcare organization strives to provide world-class healthcare facilities to their patients, but as they grow over time, it becomes challenging to improve patient satisfaction and reduce operational overheads. Using hospital automation technology, hospitals can now streamline workflows, reduce the turn-around time and flatten the supply-demand curve.

Monitor your patients from anywhere.

We make it easy for care-takers to track, monitor and view their patients in real-time from anywhere, using their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Stay updated with sensing

From tracking room to sensing real-time patient movements, it’s now easy, simple and convenient for care-takers to updated with all the environmental parameters, even while they’re on the go.